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Sharing the stories of those who have been affected by rare diseases.

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Shaping Foundations for Smiles:
Cleft Fundraising Event with Smile Train

Join us on June 27th, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST on Zoom! Come learn about cleft lips and palates and what you can do to help! We will also be hosting a fundraiser and you may donate to our campaign link for Smile Train HERE.

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In order to help those who are affected by rare diseases, we have created a RESOURCES page which compiles what we believe to be the best resources for educating and supporting patients. 


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Welcome to Shaping Foundations

Shaping Foundations is a student-led nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for, fundraising for, and spreading awareness about rare diseases. Though they are termed “rare,” these diseases collectively are anything but, and it is our mission to educate people about these diseases that are supposedly “as rare as a blue moon.” Moreover, just because these diseases are “rare,” does not mean they are worth any less attention. By sharing the stories of those affected by these diseases as well as educational resources about them, we hope to show that rare diseases are just as important as any other. Check out our pages above for more information!